We have already standardized more than 500 tones which can be ordered immediately. Just specify the desired color by indicating the corresponding color number. Aditionally, we offer you the opportunity to develop a custom color of your choice. We are committed to realizing your ideas as quickly as possible.


ColorQuantTM colors are printed on the back of the front glass and then fused with the glass inseparably through heat. This technique gives you all the design freedom that screen printing offers. Whether it's color gradations through halftoning, multi-color prints, or motif prints – all of these are as achievable as full-area solid colors.

Simply show us the motif you desire, and we will advise you on the best possible process and optimal color selection. Just send us an email at:


The applications for solar modules are multifaceted, and there are situations where minimal visibility of the modules is crucial. This applies, for example, to the use on the roofs of heritage buildings, in solar fields in natural environments, or under restrictive urban planning regulations. Especially in such challenging cases, the outstanding ColorQuantTM  technology proves its particular value.

  • Roof color regulations

    In numerous regions, the historic monument protection authorities impose strict regulations on the coloration of protected buildings. In order to meet the requirements, we offer the characteristic red tone of historical roofs as a color in our palette. This enables you to preserve the authentic coloration of historical architecture.

  • Hidden energy-sources

    Well-hidden energy sources such as solar fields often appear as foreign objects in natural surroundings. ColorQuantTM colors enable a harmonious adaptation of the modules to the natural environment. They make the solar modules nearly invisible to the distant observer and prevent the original beauty of natural spaces from being spoiled by conventional PV systems.

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