Very high efficiency BIPV. If you can imagine it, we can color it!


Colored solar modules for facades are the sustainable and aesthetic alternative for your representative projects. With the ColorQuantTM system for more color on facades, you make a clear statement: you combine energy efficiency with aesthetic refinement. We cordially invite you to discover the world of ColorQuantTM together with us and bring new ideas to life!


Truly impressive efficiency! The ColorQuantTM technology produces vibrant, vivid colors and offers a color performance ratio of up to 98% compared to untreated standard glass. This efficiency is absolutely unmatched! Now is the time to take advantage of this extraordinary technology. Set new standards in architectural energy efficiency!

When physics makes life more colorful
We utilize the physical principle of interference for color generation, thus achieving unmatched efficiency and color variety. Only the desired color tone is reflected, creating the visible color effect on the facade.


You can rely on our laboratory! There, we develop your individual color idea until it optimally matches your vision. This allows you to perfectly harmonize a building with its surroundings and achieve the aspired impact on the viewer. We archive the data and a sample of each mixture, making reorders quite easy for you.

Sampling to the desired color
In our facilities, we print your desired color on glass with the exact color that will be used for final production. We are happy to provide you with several nuances of your individual color to optimally match the aspired result.


More and more builders wish for individually designed facades in corporate colors or perfectly matching the architect's design. The ColorQuantTM technology offers nearly endless color design options – with almost no efficiency loss. Take advantage of the new freedom in design!

  • Lehner Versand in Schenkon, Switzerland

    Area: 866m² PV facade
    Power: 109 kWp Module
    Manufacturer: ERTEX SOLAR
    Special feature: The modules were mounted at different angles, creating a three-dimensional appearance.
    ©: Felix & Co. AG

  • Meteorological Institute in Leipzig, Germany

    Area: 730m² PV facade
    Power: 71.2 kWp
    Module Manufacturer: SUNOVATION
    Special feature: The modules deliberately reflect the sky and come in 39 different formats.

  • Platinum in Wiesbaden, Germany

    Area: 947m² PV facade
    Power: 113.6 kWp Module
    Manufacturer: SUNOVATION
    ©: OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH

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