Got an idea? Great! We surely have the perfect color for it. Just let us know the desired color tone as well as the preferred color system, such as RAL, NCS, or Pantone. For a small fee, we'll print your samples, also with your logo if you wish.

We're also happy to send you our sample box with three exemplary color tones to give you an impression of the colorfulness of a finished ColorQuantTM solar module. Simply request your sample box at:


We ensure that your construction project achieves exactly the color effect you wish for. Together, we develop the sample colors and provide samples on matte, glossy, or even on your individual glass, to accurately simulate the effect of the later finished solar module.

Do you have any questions on the ColorQuant™ technology, on color selection, sampling, or
ordering process?

Just give me a call: +49 2624 18089 210 or send me an email at: ColorQuant@ceramic-
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Graduate Engineer  Andrea Birnbach
ColorQuant™ Project Manager

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