The photonic pigments of ColorQuantTM  colors find their secure place on the back of the front glass which functions like protective shield. Hence, the glass protects the color layer optimally from adverse environmental influences such as rain and mechanical impact. As an inorganic coating, the colors are absolutely UV proof.

The visible color brilliance unfolds in the interaction of the various layers of the solar module. At first sight, the printed front glass appears almost transparent, even to the rays of the sun. Only when the glass is connected to the deeper dark layers does the desired coloration reveal itself in its full intensity.


The Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) subjected the outstanding ColorQuantTM  colors to a real efficiency test. It was found that the Color Performance Ratio of all colors achieved impressive values ​​over 82 %. We are looking forward to testing as well the Color Performance Ratio of your customized color blend!

If you need proof of the efficiency of the solar modules for your calculations, simply have your color tone tested at the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP. We are happy to provide you with a well-founded assessment of the efficiency for your desired color tone.


The ColorQuantTM  color system did not only pass the accelerated aging test according to IEC standard, it even exceeded the requirements by far.

Solar module with ColorQuantTM  color coating exposed to
strong UV light and high humidity.

The accelerated aging test according to the IEC standard requires 1,000 hours of exposure to strong UV light at a relative humidity of over 85 %. We have exposed the module for 2,300 hours and detected almost no loss of efficiency.

The ESG test in accordance with Z-70.1-75 was successfully completed.

ESG front glass of the solar module with ColorQuantTM color coating

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